The Mirrored Quilt Pattern

The first Mirrored Quilt I made, and the inspiration behind the pattern.

I’ve never been a scrappy quilter. I sew a lot from collections and curated bundles with a solid background. Over the years the idea of making a scrappy quilt started to grow on me. Then Peter, of Lo and Behold Stitchery, sewed his first quilt using a scrappy background. It was beautiful and I wanted to get over my scrappy fears. I talked to Brittney about how I couldn’t wrap my head around how to make a scrappy background quilt. I loved the one that Peter made, but my mind has to make everything symmetrical and balanced and I just couldn’t invision the freeform of scrappy. She told me that the key to anything scrappy is to not overthink it. She was right, I was over thinking it.

Months had passed and the idea of making a scrappy quilt was still bouncing around in the back of my mind. I knew I needed to just dive right in and make one. While hunting for a pattern I discovered that so many scrappy patterns were asking for 10″ square pieces. In my sewing room that isn’t considered a scrap, but a precut. Then the idea of the Mirrored Quilt came to me. What if there was a quilt that just used a light and a dark, and all the pieces were the same size, and I could just throw all of my pieces into a bag, close my eyes and sew them together at random. I can’t over think it if I’m not looking!

Me with my scrappy Mirrored Quilt. Photo by Megan Saenz

So that’s exactly what I did. I went through my fabric and cut up a bunch of black squares and a bunch of white squares, tossed them into 2 bags and just started sewing. I loved the outcome, but in true LoveSewModern fashion I had to make a Ruby Star Society version. I saw this Melody Miller Rise print next to this Speckled fabric tucked away on the shelf of my local quilt shop, TINT, as soon as I walked in the door. I knew I had to have it and it needed to be my next Mirrored Quilt.

This Love Sew Modern Mirrored Quilt was made using all Ruby Star Society fabrics. Photo by Megan Saenz

The Mirrored Quilt is such an easy and fun sew that I’ve actually made 5 of them now. I’ve never made a quilt pattern so many times. That’s how much I love this pattern. Mirrored comes in 4 sizes; Baby (36″X36″), Small Throw (54″X54″), Large Throw (72″X72″), and Bed (108″X108″). Since the pattern is block based you could also create it in any size you want.

Incase you were wondering where I got the name for this pattern, I can’t take the credit. In true pandemic fashion, I was Face-timing with my parents to show them my new pattern when my dad says, “That’s cool, it’s like a mirror.” My father, who always answers the phone when he calls me, “Hello Erin, this is your Dad,” Mr. Captain Obvious wasn’t wrong. I couldn’t stop calling it the Mirror quilt in my mind, so it stuck.

The Mirrored quilt is a great pattern for beginners and seasoned quilters alike. You can grab your copy of the pattern HERE. I can’t wait to see what you make with it and I hope you will tag me @lovesewmodern on Instagram so I can see and cheer you on!

A collection of my Mirrored Quilts in my studio. Image by Megan Saenz

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