Showcase Quilt Pattern

Fabric pull for the Showcase cover quilt.

If you follow my instagram you know I love Ruby Star Society fabric. Many of their recent collections include stunning boarder prints and panels. They’re beautiful and of course I buy them, but I’m never sure what to make with them. I’m not drawn to a traditional panel pattern so I designed the Showcase Quilt as my solution to the modern panel quilt.

When pulling the fabrics for my cover quilt I took inspiration from the Ruby Star Society Winter Garden in Water from the Candlelight collection. This would be my showcase fabric.

I didn’t want this quilt to read as a Christmas quilt, but a winter themed one. So I paired my showcase fabric with two green Bella solids in Breeze and Dark Teal. For the stars in my quilt I chose a yarn dyed metallic gold Essex in Sand. One of my favorite things about the Ruby Star Society collections is their use of metallic in their fabric. It makes them feel extra special and by using the gold metallic Essex I was trying to highlight the metallic in my showcase print.

The Showcase Quilt pattern cover photo

The large square blocks finish at 7 inches, which is a large enough space to showcase your favorite fabric prints, highlight part of a panel, or for those who are amazing quilters this block is the perfect canvas to showcase free motion work.

Showcase cover quilt
Highlighting a Ruby Star Society boarder print in the 7 inch block.

The first test quilt I made of my Showcase quilt was actually a scrappy version using the Ruby Star Society Clementine Collection. I don’t typically make scrappy quilts, but I was dying to play this these bold and colorful fabrics. Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules of a pattern, use it only as a jumping off point, and create something entirely your own.

My scrappy Showcase Quilt in Ruby Star Society Clementine fabrics.

I hope you will make your own Showcase Quilt highlighting your favorite fabrics and share them with me on Instagram by tagging me @LoveSewModern and using the hashtags #showcasequilt and #lovesewmodernpatterns !

Get your Showcase Quilt pattern HERE!


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