Vintage Lace Quilt-Along Recap

Me attempting to hold my king sized Vintage Lace Quilt.

If you ask my quilting guild they will tell you that I’m the Queen of Quilt-Alongs. I get excited when I see a designer I follow is starting one.

You may be wondering why I enjoy them so much, or you may be wondering what a quilt-along is? I’ve printed out my Vintage Lace pattern 3 times since it was released, but never made it. This quilt-along was the motivation I needed to finally make this quilt. It’s currently week 6 of the 7 week Vintage Lace Quilt-Along with Lo & Behold Stitchery. This week is the catch up week, but I couldn’t resist using this week to finish piecing my top and taking it out for photographs.

For the last 6 weeks every Monday Brittany, of Lo & Behold Stitchery, has emailed a newsletter out to those participating in the quilt-along walking them through the steps for this week and providing helpful, efficiency tips. This is the first reason I join quilt-alongs. A pattern designer can only deliver so much information and guidance through their patterns. This is a quilter’s opportunity to sew together a pattern along with the designer and learn their sewing secrets along the way.

My Instagram progress photo for week 5 of the Quilt-Along.

The other great reason for participating in quilt-alongs is the community. While most quilt-alongs use newsletters to deliver their content, there’s always hashtags and inspiration to be found on Instagram. other quilters are making the same quilt at the same time as you, sharing their progress and sewing tips along the way.

Trimming all 320 of my half square triangles didn’t seem as daunting with hundreds of quilters going through the process with me. Many quilters shared pictures of their trimmings, reminding me that I too can do this!

All 320 of my trimmed half square triangles.

The greatest reward of all? When the quilt-along is done you have a completed quilt top to be proud of. My top is currently getting quilted and I’m beyond excited to see it finished. Before delivering it for quilting my daughter and I took it to Airle Farm to photograph it. She’s freshly 4 and enjoys being my assistant.

My daughter having fun photographing my Vintage Lace Quilt.

For my quilt top I made the King size using Kona Snow and Kona Doeskin, just like Brittany’s original. This was a personal challenge for myself because I’m typically drawn to using rainbow colors. I’m extremely excited about my backing choice of Bonnie Christine’s Foraged Garland Golden.

My week 2 Instagram update photo, showcasing my fabric choices.

There’s always time to join a quilt-along. You might get to learn something new. I hope you enjoy these few extra pictures from our photo session and feel inspired to try a quilt-along.

This time we have together means the world to both of us. I love that I get to share my passion with her.
This is the best full shot I was able to get of this massive quilt. Photo credit goes to my 4 year old daughter.
We keep photo sessions fun!

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