The Birth of LoveSewModern

As a mom I feel like I’m wired to put my children and my family first. I made the transition into motherhood at what many would consider a young age, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. After many sleepless nights, tears, and honest conversations with my husband we have decided that this year will be the year of ME!

What does this mean for me and what does this mean for YOU? I’m leaving my corporate job that I’ve been working at for the last 7 years to focus on my personal growth and dreams. Here is what I plan to do:

  1. Grow this blog! I’m crazy in love with quilting and design and I want to share that passion with you. My goal is to teach and inspire others and this is one platform I plan to do that in.
  2. I’m signing up for Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course, which opens in February. I started off college studying graphic design and I’ve always regretted changing majors. The Immersion course is a surface pattern design course. The BIG dream is to design my own fabric line. This might take more than just 2020, but I’m getting started.
  3. Quilt designs! Last year I design an EPP pattern and I worked with a local friend on getting the paper pieces and acrylic templates (at least for small batches) created. I want to dive into this and bring it to life. I’ve also been playing with some traditionally pieced designs. Time is always the enemy. Now I hope to have more of it! Time that is.
  4. I’m also going to be taking care of my mini me who doesn’t start kindergarten for another 1.5 years. She loves my sewing work and she will be a fun little partner.

This is going to be a huge shift for me and I’m beyond excited. With this personal growth and change my “personal brand” is also going to grow and mature. Goodbye SewSew89, welcome to the world LoveSewModern. I hope you join me on this journey, and we can all grow as makers this year together!


2 thoughts on “The Birth of LoveSewModern

  1. Good for you, Erin! I can relate to the difficult convo you had to have with your husband. We had a similar one. Looking forward to your journey! XX-Kim


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