80 HST, Endless Possibilities

The start of my Flower Tile blocks in Alison Glass’s Handiwork fabric line.

Back in September I started Then Came June’s Flower Tile Quilt. I took a break from it because I’m easily distracted by new, shiny patterns. In November some of my girl friends and I went on a mini maker’s retreat in Delaware. (It was the best way I could think of to celebrate turning 30 and I should write about it sometime!) I finished piecing my Flower Tile quilt top on that trip. Yes, it’s still sitting in my WIP (work in progress) pile, waiting to be finished. (Yet another thing I could go on and on about.)

My completed pieced Flower Tile quilt top in Alison Glass’ Handiwork fabric line.

The great thing about the Flower Tile quilt is that you have the option of creating a whole second quilt AT THE SAME TIME! That’s right. If you put in a little extra time and effort while chain piecing your Flower Tile quilt you are left over with a wonderful pile of 80 EXTRA half square triangles (HST) that are ready to be pressed and pieced together for a nice sized lap quilt. A 42 by 52.5 sized quilt to be exact if you make the large throw sized Flower Tile quilt top.

I LOVE Then Came June and her pattern designs, but the layout she provides with the Flower Tile pattern for the extra HST didn’t inspire me. When you’re left with a pile of HST you can create an endless amount of designs and there’s no quilting rule that you must follow the pattern you starred with.

My completed HST quilt on the Manassas Battlefield, one of my favorite quilt photo locations.

Instagram is full of inspiration and I’ve always admired Lovely Threads’ Diamond Sky Quilt. I used her pattern as the base design for my HTS. I made a few small tweaks and added two extra rows because I wasn’t going to leave any HTS behind.

I’m happy with my end result, and glad I took the extra time while piecing my Flower Tile quilt to make this quilt so effortlessly happen. Have you ever had leftover HTS at the end of a project? What did you make with them?

Seriously, these Colonial fences are one of my favorite things!


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